Cards ‘N Stuff currently operates on a weekly schedule that allows regular content to be delivered in an interesting yet constantly refreshing format. The blog is in no way limited by the schedule – meaning additional posts and content can and will appear outside of the schedule – but the blog is driven by the schedule (kind of like a weekly content baseline). To see what will be coming your way every week from Cards ‘N Stuff, check out the schedule below.

Sunday:  We kick off the week with our State of the Nation Podcast. This 30-45 minute podcast is a simple rundown of Cardinals and/or MLB related topics of the week. Expect opinions and analysis from Cards ‘N Stuff in a straight-forward, gimmick-free format.

Monday:  The first “off day” of the week for the blog. If we have a post in us, we’ll share it with you. But if not…well…it is Monday after all.

Tuesday:  We’re jumping in headfirst on Tuesdays with Bird Watching – a quick-hits style post that burns through St. Louis Cardinals topics one-by-one. This post is heavy on weigh-ins, thoughts, and opinions and light on analysis. In short, it attempts to answer two questions: What’s going on with the Cardinals this week? And what do I think about it?

Wednesday:  The second “off day” of the week is hump day. You may get a post…you may not get a post…but then again, you may get a post! Check in regularly to see if a post is waiting for you! (Here a post, there a post, everywhere a post-post…or an “off day”)

Thursday:  Can you think of a better way to start your Thursday morning than marveling at rare, beautiful, and unique Cardinals merchandise? Me neither. Kim (the secret weapon behind my baseball-themed parties and amazing Cardinals gifts) spends hours upon hours scouring the web in search of awesome Cardinals and baseball stuff – party ideas, collectibles, home and office decor, etc. – and now she’s sharing it with all of you! Each Thursday morning, Kim will post links and info on these hidden gems in her Kim’s Stuff post on Cards ‘N Stuff. Enjoy!

Friday:  It’s time for Freestylin’ Friday! This day is wide-open and anything goes. Expect long-winded feature stories, short and sweet weigh-in posts, or even guest writers. But one thing should remain constant…these posts will focus on a single topic (Yadi’s batting position, the state of the Cardinals’ bullpen, etc.) instead of the shotgun approach of Bird Watching.

Saturday:  After a long week of blogging and podcasting, Saturday is penciled in as an “off day.” You could get a post…but don’t count on it ;).


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