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Worthy of a Post: The Miami Marlins’ Bobblehead Museum

There’s not much to like about Miami’s new ballpark – garish decor, outlandish colors, other-worldly dimensions – but there is one feature we absolutely fell head over heals for…The Bobblehead Museum located inside the stadium.

Honestly, I don’t know why this isn’t a standard feature in every new MLB stadium! Of course, Trinket City in Busch tops it just because of the sentimentality factor…but the Cardinals should really find a premium location to display the collection that is more easily accessible by the ticket-paying public (I only saw it while taking a paid tour of Busch).

Anyway…about the museum in Marlins Park, here’s the official description from the team’s website:

The Bobblehead Museum display on the Promenade Level is located near Section 14/15. It features a collection of current and former Marlins player bobbleheads, as well as current and past baseball mascots and players throughout Major League Baseball history. This display holds nearly 700 bobbleheads. The entire structure moves ever so slightly, which causes the heads to bobble.

That’s just neat. And, here’s a photo in case you missed it during the game Wednesday night:




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