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State of the Nation Podcast: Questions, Questions, Questions…

We’re knee-deep in it now, eh? The Cardinals have multiple questions up in the air this week – who will play 2nd base, who will back up Yadier Molina, and will Chris Carpenter pitch on Opening Day – and Matheny’s job seems to be getting more complicated by the day. Sounds like perfect fodder for a podcast! So, as always, click the play button to listen to about 15 or so minutes of Cards baseball talk. This week, we cover the following topics:

1. Review of the Week…Amazing Cards ‘N Stuff posts you may have missed this week…
2. What to do about Kyle McClellan…
3. Uh…Tyler Greene’s not hitting…now what?
4. I’m going to Spring Training!
5. A call for help!

So…give us a listen! It’s only 15 minutes (or so)…if you hate it, what have you lost? But if you love it…you’re 15 minutes smarter ;).




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