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The Sandlot Is # 1…

If you haven’t checked out the new MLB.com Entertainment section, I strongly suggest you do so…especially the Baseball Movie Bracket. As a true fan of the game, I had a great time filling out my bracket. I found myself heart-broken more than once when I was forced to choose one movie over another (*61 was particularly difficult to deny). But, in the end – The Sandlot won out. Despite the fact that the subsequent sequals flopped (and rightfully so…), the original still reminds me of just what baseball used to mean to this country…and what it could mean again.

But enough melodrama from me…I’ve posted a link to the bracket below. I have to say I’m surprised Fever Pitch made it as far as it did in my bracket (especially considering the movie’s celebratory moment climaxes in a World Series victory over the Cardinals…ugh), but I do love that movie. Enjoy!




One thought on “The Sandlot Is # 1…

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